12 Ways to Find a Good Blog Post Topic

You’ve built a nice editorial calendar, and now. You need to find good blog post topics. You may have a vague idea of ​​the 12 Ways to Find topics to cover — but how. Do you know if your story ideas are good? How do you know if you have the right subject, the one that will. Really interest your audience? Here are 12 methods, most of which are based on indicators provided by. Internet users themselves, to help you find the subjects of your next blog articles… web marketing training. Competition a good benchmark can allow you to better identify the topics that interest your target. The benchmark. Method consists of bringing together a panel of competitors to identify good and bad practices.

3 Your Internal Search Engine Logs

And thus find ways to improve your own business — in this case, your blog. You can apply this method by. Focusing on the blogs of your direct competitors: what types of articles generate the most how to get a german phone number comments. The most shares on social networks? You will then need to draw conclusions from this benchmark to optimize. Your search for topics. It goes without saying that it is not a question of repeating (not to say plagiarizing…). The subjects of your competitors, but of using them as indicators of the needs and tastes of your common audience.

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Facebook and Linkedin Groups

You will then have to ask yourself what added value you can bring to internet users; it is not a question of doing “like…” , but “better than…” . Your blog comments whether personal or professional, blogs are 12 Ways to Find (and should remain) places of conversation. Accepting and moderating user comments allows you to build a lasting bond with your audience . We often tend to forget this very particular type of content produced by the internet user (or user generated content ). However, it is one of the most significant: carefully note the requests recorded by the internal search engine of your blog. Then ask yourself the following questions: did the users who performed these searches on your site find answers to their questions? Are certain searches recurrent?

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