17 Tips to Promote Your Blog Posts

The success of your blog posts directly depends on. How you promote them. Your article may be of impeccable quality, without promotion. It will not be shared. In the same way, there is no point in promoting your content if you do not have an audience. There are many techniques to grow your audience on social networks. You can, for example, use tools to. Increase DW Leads your number of followers on twitter. If you already have an audience, here are some tips that. Will help you promote your blog posts effectively… web marketing training 1/ use a good sharing plugin. I advise you to use social warfare.

Optimize Your Articles for Sharing on Social Networks

Indeed, this plugin is known to maximize the number of shares on social networks. It also includes a number of very interesting features. 2/ use the “click-to-tweet” feature. This feature allows you to Singapore phone number list include tweetable sections in your articles. For example, you can create personal. Quotes and make them tweetable. For this, you can either use the “click to tweet” plugin or the built-in functionality. Of social warfare. 3/ mention influencers it is important to build links pointing to other blogs/sites. Of influencers evolving in your field of activity. Then you can mention those influencers and let them know.

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Plan Content Delivery

They will thus naturally share the article with their audience in which they appear. This will generate a lot of traffic. 4/ create infographics as you already know, infographics are widely shared. It is not necessary to have an infographic for each of your articles. But you should make one about every 2 months. 5/ do pre-promotion doing article pre-promotion works really well. For example: “i’m writing an article about… what’s your opinion on this? “. Then you include the opinions of multiple influencers (if possible) and let them know. They will naturally share the article with their audience. This will therefore generate additional traffic. 6/ prepare good images do you have good quality images for your readers to share on social media?

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