21 Pieces of Content to Create Now to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Youtube Channel

You have little traffic on your site. You are worried and. I understand you. Being ignored causes a terrible feeling of disgust and discouragement. Your blog is there brand new. Your youtube channel DW Leads is ready to host its videos. You may have even started posting. Your first content happily, full of hope. You look at your statistics every hour, on the lookout for the first visitors. Then the hours pass. The days pass. The weeks pass. And a disturbing feeling begins to invade you… The feeling that something is wrong… Web marketing training the feeling that everything is not going as. You imagined… as if someone came to flout your dreams of freedom. As if you were falling back from your cloud.

Behind the Scenes of Your Life

In the face of the cruel reality of numbers. You can no longer ignore the problem: your content is not attracting traffic. Ouch. Rest assured. In this article, you will discover 21 types of content to create to dj email list attract. A maximum of qualified visitors. By the end of your reading, you will finally know what types of articles. Or videos will help you attract traffic . Yes, i assure you that with the right content, your traffic can explode. Look for example at the results of one of my blogs in its infancy: i was stagnating, then i put up some. Content that brought me a rain of new visits in a very short time.

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Time-Saving Content

And i will tell you which ones in this article. In particular, you will learn one of my secrets on list-type articles (like this one), to set yourself apart from the rest. Let’s go ! 1. Epic content to attract traffic, create an epic resource. It’s content that looks like real training, and that you offer for free on your blog or youtube channel. For example, a 1 hour video in which you explain from a to z how to achieve a result. Or a blog post that looks like a how-to ebook. The secret : create this content on a hot issue of your theme to attract as many people as possible. You stand out from the heated content of competitors.

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