25 Tips to Become a Perfect Blogger

Let’s be honest, the “perfect blogger” is a utopia. Just like that of prince charming democratized by disney. I’m far from being a perfect blogger (or even a prince charming). And i don’t know any! That said, it is possible to draw a composite portrait from all the best practices. Observed on DW Leads the web. So, here are 25 tips that will help you get closer to perfection… web marketing training. The perfect blogger prepares before going online 1 – determine your goals as a blogger if to. The question “what is my objective with this blog?” your answer is “become a star”, so sign up for the secret. Story casting. You will have a better chance of succeeding (if we can even talk about success).

Name Your Blog and Buy a Good Domain Name

More seriously, to become a perfect blogger, you must set yourself a concrete and achievable goal such as: sharing. Your point of view and initiating the debate, sharing your passion, helping others, building a portfolio. To launch your career, earning a additional income, earning a get china number living… in short, clearly determine. What you are aiming for in order to stick to it and know where you are going. 2 – choose the niche of your. Blog we could also talk about theme or editorial line. Anyway, it is a question of finding the subject of your blog. Taking care that it is neither too broad nor too narrow, and that you can position yourself as an expert.

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A Blog Post Is a Single Topic

With this subject. It is important to do research to find a niche that suits you and possibly a profitable niche. If you aim to make money with your blog. 3 – target your blog audience if you say to a marketer “me, my target is everyone! Then you will definitely see him smile. Even the biggest multinationals in this world have never launched anything targeting everyone. As the perfect future blogger, you have taken the time to choose your niche, so take the time to clearly define your target. Housewives aged 30 to 50? Small business owners? Backpacking enthusiasts? Your blog and its content will have to be adapted to this target.

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