28 Strong Titles to Boost Traffic on Your Blog

The situation is serious. The world war is in full swing. I’m not talking about military warfare. I’m not talking about 14-18, or 39-45. It is a war that has more scope. Which has affected all 5 continents. This is DW Leads the media war… And worse, everyone has assembled their army. Big and small. Web marketing training the big tv and radio channels are now on the internet. Small anonymous bloggers also want their share of the cake. Even your stupid cousin just started his blog stupidcousin. You left him in his living room in his shorts writing his article. And all of them, big and small. Require only one resource: the brains of internet users . And the latter are more capricious than you think.

Copyblogger, Does That Ring a Bell?

They have. The remote control of the world in their hand, and zap between sites as they see fit. And you in all of this. With your dream that you want to achieve: fire your boss, work from anywhere, enjoy your freedom. And a 4-hour week. So, to stand out, you hired a graphic designer and architects email list bought a premium theme to work on. The design of your site to the millimeter. You spend 20 hours redirecting your articles with a unique writing style. But unfortunately, no one reads your blog. No one comments, let alone shares your content. And yet, you have installed a nice floating sharing plugin.

architects email list

The William Fischer Story

It’s total disappointment. All that dream dear to you, crumbling before your eyes. You even think about closing your site and moving on. So calm down. Before you close your baby, listen to what i’m about to tell you. The starting point for a successful blog is the title . Because you can write the best article in the world if nobody clicks on it, we will not know its quality. Well, it’s the title that makes the difference between a clicked article and a non-clicked one. So, wipe away your tears. I will give you 28 ready-to-use title templates. Just put your words in the parentheses. But before we get to that, let me show you the importance of the title.

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