30 Questions to Ask Yourself to Turn a Business Blog

Since 2010, i’ve had a lot of fun attracting targeted. Traffic with business blogs. Even if things have gotten a bit tougher since then, it is still possible to create. Business blogs that become real lead machines… The article being a bit long, you can download it in pdf. Training to create DW Leads your training organization however, i am extremely surprised to see, in my various. Discussions, the number of people who have tried and then quickly given up on creating a business blog. Claiming that it does not work. If you are in this case, here is a list of questions to ask yourself (and that i would have liked to have before starting my blogs) in order to avoid the classic mistakes of a business blog. 1 – why do you need to create a business blog ?

What Is the Key Figure to Measure?

As with any communication or marketing operation. It is essential to identify the purpose of your approach. Would you like more visits to your site? More leads? Do you want to improve your Usa b2b database brand image? ` gain followers on social networks? It is by clearly defining. The purpose of your business blog that you will be able to choose the right indicators to follow in order to. Measure the impact of your actions, while investing your money correctly in order to achieve your objectives. 2 – do you have a budget that meets your expectations? Keeping a business blog is not free! First of all.

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How Will You Create Content Regularly?

You will have to count the hosting costs (unless you create the blog on your website), then count the costs. Related to the creation of your content, seo tools and tools to collect leads . It will also be necessary to plan advertising budgets in order to push the relevant content for your objectives to the visitors of your site. Even if this budget varies according to your knowledge, your available resources and the external service providers used, you must keep in mind that the means will have to be matched with your objectives. 3 – what is the key figure to measure? What is the key measurable indicator that your blog should allow you to raise?

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