33 Motivating and Not Stupid Reasons to Write a Professional Blog

It is this job that makes people fantasize so much. For a long time, many webmarketers made us dream of this job. Blogging is great. It is total freedom. You’re going to fire your boss to work where you want, when you want and go around the world. You only work five hours a week, etc. Yes, it’s true, blogging is a fascinating profession that allows you to. Work from anywhere and therefore to travel where you want and when you want. But what is hidden from you is that in return, it requires a personal investment on your DW Leads part, in time and skills. In any case. If you plan to keep a professional blog… training to create your training organization and it is precisely this work that.

Accept Being Rejected

You are going to do on yourself that will allow you to grow, which leads me to list 33 motivating reasons. For keeping a blog. Not in dream salesman mode, but much deeper reasons ranging from Singapore phone number list your personal. Development, to changing people’s lives, to developing your relationships. Let’s go ! Blogging for your. Personal development 1. Overcome the fear of uncertainty blogging to overcome the fear of uncertainty source. Yes, blogging is full of uncertainties. You can write the best article in the world, taking care to choose the subject well, while promoting it.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

But with a result not up to your expectations. The reverse is also true. You can write an article out of the blue (not taking care to choose the subject well) and have exploding results. Blogging allows you to overcome the fear of uncertainty, a healthy quality in an entrepreneur. 2. Accept being criticized blogging is also giving your point of view, but not everyone will agree with you. So much the better. It’s a way to filter your audience since people who are not part of your target will unsubscribe. This will only leave those with whom you really want to work, your typical audience. On the other hand, criticism from this typical audience will allow you to better improve your skills.

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