4 Main Trends in Seo 2022

The seo trends for 2020 mark the basis for the future of positioning. In the serps and are defined around the new updates of the two google algorithms. Florida 2 and rankbrain, and the appearance of DW Leads bert as a new algorithm. Through their changes. They show us a path based on simplicity and adaptation towards voice search tools , and searches carried out through. Mobile devices, which are growing every day and surpassing traditional searches. Thus, we will classify the new changes of this 2020 in four main trends that will help us in a simpler way to position our website. 1.the importance of the snippet both the featured snippet and the rich snippet increase in importance. With these new changes.

The Importance of the Snippet

These brief descriptions that work as showcases for our website, are the first. Contact that the reader has of us and is the cause of most of the clicks in organic responses. Therefore, in order to be in the company email database zero ranking (outstanding result in the serp for a relevant snippet or for appearing in. The top 10 organic search results) it is not only important to have content adapted to the new formats but. Also to provide the answer ideal for the user’s question , the most exact. Thus, google introduces. A new trend in seo for 2020 by incorporating a new option for marking faqs sections or frequently asked questions that is oriented to appear in the snippet.

company email database

The Voice Search Revolution

That will be optimized for searches both by voice and on mobile devices. It should be noted that sometimes. These snippets created by google harm us since. They avoid valuable clicks for our website. To alleviate this, the platform has created a control using. Meta-tags and html attributes where it gives us. The opportunity to limit the visibility of our. Content in order to encourage the user to click on our website. 2. The voice search revolution in recent years. Voice searches have had an exponential increase. In spain 50.5% of the population speaks daily. With an assistant either through smart speakers, mobile or car.

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