4 Reasons to Stop Storytelling in Your Blog Posts

The art of knowing how to tell stories, and why not. One’s own story to convey a message to one’s audience, that’s storytelling. It used to be pretty limited. To blog posts and other types of content. But DW Leads with the development of social networks like facebook. Instagram (with recently igtv) or even snapchat, there are more and more platforms that allow you to tell your story. But then, is it still interesting to do storytelling? My answer is clearly yes ! Nevertheless, i sincerely. Think that doing storytelling through a blog post is not the most optimized way… web marketing training. I personally blog about speaking up and self-confidence in speaking. My articles bring value to my visitors.

Massive Youtube Expansion at the Heart of Change

However, i chose to focus my storytelling strategy mainly on my youtube channel. In this article, i will explain. To you why you need to stop focusing on storytelling in your articles. The blog, a platform cell phone numbers list that has never. Been adapted to storytelling we all agree that the main purpose of storytelling is to convey a message. That will be remembered by the audience. It will then aim to sell a product or service, inform and transmit. Knowledge to your readers, or leave your message in the minds of the people who listen to you. In any case. Storytelling is a specific form of communication.

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The Presence of Many Social Networks

There are 2 ways to communicate, oral and written. Until then, are you following me? Perfect ! Now, what are the 3 pieces of information your brain can handle? The images, the sound, and the sensations. It is thanks to these 3 pieces of information that you will be able to remember something. Just look how most people read it. Either they represent the adventures of a hero through images by visualizing the scene, or they read “aloud” in their head to better understand the words. But let’s be realistic, cinema, theater, or even photography are much more representative than mere words. It is not for nothing that confucius said ” a picture is worth a thousand words “. Reading is an activity that i really enjoy. But we must admit that it requires a lot of concentration.

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