4 Tools to Gamify Your Blog

Many would like to gamify their blog but few. Know that there are easy to implement and free solutions. In this article we will present wordpress plugins. Allowing you to apply gamification to your blog to increase visits, retention and virality of content. There are many solutions, i have selected four that are interesting because they are complete in terms of functionality… the need for storytelling before presenting them, i would like to make a remark. These DW Leads solutions are quite. Complete and allow you to motivate behaviors in order to boost the marketing performance of your site. Even if they are not fully customizable, they at least have the advantage of being more accessible.

Than the Tailor-Made Solutions

Offered by the main vendors (badgeville, bunchball, bigdoor, etc.). Web marketing training. But for gamification to work, it needs to be consistent with the content. As often, there will therefore. Be Russian phone numbers an important storytelling work. As each action cannot be directly linked to the content (because the personalization will be too limited). You will have to be careful to make the link by another. Means (for example a newsletter or in the body of your articles). For example, each week, you write an article that summarizes the highlights of the previous week regarding the set up game. By doing so, you will be able to offer.

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Your Readers an Experience

Quite close to what could be implemented by badgeville or others. Adikteev adikteev is the only french solution. Here are its main features: – missions: the visitor must carry. Out actions on the site such as reading articles, sharing them on social networks, visiting the site several times… – points: once the missions have been completed, the player earns points. – badges: you can offer badges as a reward for specific behavior. – real rewards: points can be exchanged for real rewards from partners (deezer, amazon, itunes…) – ranking: you can set up a ranking of your visitors. – contest: interesting feature because not present on other platforms, it is possible to organize contests via this application. – mobile: the platform works on smartphones.

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