5 Tips to invest your marketing budget well

Not all companies have millionaire budgets that allow them to be in all digital and offline channels and media. But they do have the necessary information and tools. At their fingertips to analyze and identify how. They can achieve the maximum return on investment. With a specific budget. In the last decade in the agency. While serving all kinds of clients, I realized that most companies. Have practically the same problems: lack of planning. As surprising as it may seem, even large corporations suffer from it. Lack of knowledge and training in modern marketing. And sales techniques. I could say that everything is summed up. Up in those two problems and from there all the others. Related to marketing and sales, are derived.

Align your marketing and sales team

That is why I want to share with you 5 things that, as I have observed, are essential when establishing a marketing and sales plan that really generates positive results. Tips to invest your marketing budget well Calculate the CLV or Customer Lifetime Value The Customer Lifetime Value or Customer Lifetime Value is one of the metrics that is least Chile Phone Number List used in companies and for this reason common mistakes are made in marketing budgets and sales projections. Budgets are regularly planned and approved based on the economic flow of a certain period but not on what is intended to be achieved in the next or the value that is actually being created by generating a new client.

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Analyze the source of your prospects and customers

Therefore, the first step so that investment decisions make sense for your strategy and therefore for the results you will obtain, you must know how much money a new client will generate for your company, not only in their first purchase but DW Leads all the time they spend. said customer remains a customer. By knowing how to calculate the clv or customer lifetime value. You will also be able to determine how much money. It would be convenient to invest to generate. E that economic flow. In the united states. And Europe, the percentage that is usually invested in marketing. Ranges between 12-17% of the projected. Value for the next cycle, while in Latin America it is much lower and can range. From 5 to 10%. There are two common forms: consider the clv at 100% as a base.

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