6 Basic Rules of Digital Marketing

In the midst of confinement, the Spanish e-commerce. The school was known as ecommasteres. Has opened. All its courses are related to the world of online stores. And online marketing. In this way, until the time that we are living. Through covid-19 ends, you will be able to enjoy their free eCommerce courses. Some of these courses are valued at 75 euros, such as the Advanced Digital Analytics course. Others, like the WooCommerce and WordPress courses, are valued at €45. On the other hand, the Amazon course, which was originally worth €107, can also be enjoyed, in principle, until the end of April or May, depending on the duration of the period at home.

Google Search Console Course

E-commerce, digital marketing and entrepreneurship courses that you can take for free «We have tried to collaborate in some way with the unpleasant times that we are living, and the best way we thought was to release all the free courses on our e-learning platform on online commerce. At first, it was difficult for us to make the decision since it Bulgaria Phone Number List could be seen in an opportunistic way, but we decided and we are very happy because we are having very positive comments both within the platform and on social networks,” says Founder of the school. and owner of turronesydulces. One of the pioneering online food stores in Spain also presents a course with recommendations for selling OFFLine and combining it with online sales. Take in person in Madrid and Alicante and also in their online edition.

Bulgaria Phone Number List

Web analytics course for beginners

Some time ago, as part of our Inbound Marketing strategy, we decided to open the courses and tutorials that we have within our Master’s campus so that anyone could learn and get to know our school. We put some of them up for sale because we DW Leads detected that there was a demand, both for newer profiles and for professionals in the sector, as is the case of Web Analytics and Adwords. Now we have decided to make it free, honestly. To help and because we believe that the business. The model of training is going to change. And before that content is lost. We prefer that people take advantage of it, especially. Traditional merchants may be the most affected.

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