6 Steps to Write a Blog Post

A professional blog can increase the reputation. Of the company, gain visibility on the web, acquire inbound leads, gain market share and build community loyalty. 70% of consumers would rather learn about DW Leads a company through a blog post than through an advertisement. To take advantage of the advantages of a professional blog, you have to publish content at regular intervals. But not just anyhow: writing a quality, relevant and effective blog article involves following a certain number of steps… How to write a blog post? 1 – choose the type and subject of the article. Each article has its own objective. A distinction must be made between articles whose content remains.

Prepare an Outline and Write the Article

Valid for years and articles that deal with a subject related to current events (in the company or in the sector). It is then necessary to determine the format of the article: information, advice, steps to follow or good practices. The topic is chosen based on business objectives and target audiences. Training to create your training. Organization it is necessary to motorcycle owner mailing list question the target reader: who is he? What types of subjects interest him? What information is he trying to get? To this end, developing buyer personas , profile of typical prospects.. Is a good strategy. Once the target has been defined, it becomes possible to select relevant topics. For blog articles likely to respond to its issues.

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Optimize the Article to Acquire Traffic and Leads

Topic ideas can come from: google queries; search trends on google trends. In conclusion, popular themes on buzzsumo or quora ; works of the competition; questions asked by prospects and customers. Marketing and sales teams. 2 – find a powerful title the internet user spends an average of 37 seconds viewing a blog post. For him to want to read the content in its entirety, everything must be done to capture his attention from the outset. This is the role assigned to the title (but also to the introduction). The title is by far the most important element for driving traffic to a blog post. It is the first thing that the internet user sees, regardless of the medium used (search engine, social networks or e-mail).

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