6 Tips To Improve Your Paid Facebook And Google Ads For Events

With most of the hype these days focused on influencer and. Content marketing, it feels like traditional paid advertising doesn’t get enough love. While considered “traditional”. The advancements in facebook and google ads over the last few years have kept these options. As viable DW Leads as ever. Online ads face challenges like ad blockers and user desensitization. But, have advantages. Against dropping organic social media engagement and loose influencer metrics. What has always made. Paid ads dependable is the ability to receive quick and accurate reporting. It doesn’t matter how many ads are blocked or ignored if your conversions and roi reach your goals.

Leverage Lead Times and Urgency

These firm metrics are a benefit in themselves, helping marketers improve and keeping clients fully in the loop. On top of ecommerce, we’ve found event promotion does very well with a paid advertising strategy. Up against their own deadline to sell tickets, along with similar events how to get a south korean phone number or events held on the same day, events. Have to stay competitive in promoting and marketing. Six tips to improve your paid facebook and. Google ads when promoting events 1. Monitor and update frequently unlike most products or services. Events are always racing against the clock. With a window of several months or weeks from announcing. The event to event day, it’s worth investing your time into your paid ad campaign while you can.

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Remarketing for Reminders

Every day counts and your results will grow the more you can monitor, update, and adjust your campaign. This includes if you’re a/b testing different copy, graphics, or video ads, as well as what audiences you’re targeting. Maybe certain graphics aren’t resonating with certain audiences? Maybe it’s worth testing new copy on the same audience? You won’t know the answers to these questions until you try. And the longer you wait to update and adjust, the more potential conversions you could be missing. 2. Leverage lead times and urgency “…events costing £51 ($65usd) or more, where over 50% of people booked their place at least 3 months in advance (rising to 70% when a ticket costs over £201 ($256 usd).” – eventbrite it’s vital to take advantage of the lead time before your event.

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