7 Common Practices That Will Make Your Business Blog a Failure

There are apparently over 200 million blogs worldwide. A figure that is growing by 3 million every month. Suffice to say, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing. It right if you want to stand out with your business blog… web marketing training and the game is. Well worth the effort when you DW Leads consider all the problems that a business blog can solve. If you already have one. But the success is unfortunately not there, it is in your best interest to check that you are not making these. 7 mistakes. 1 – introduce yourself instead of chatting writing a blog post is completely different from preparing. A powerpoint presentation or writing a press release. Conversational tone vs descriptive tone.

Your Titles Have No Catchphrase

Create a business blog you must address the reader directly. Most often this is done using the “you” and the. “i” in order to use a conversational tone, unlike a press release for example which uses a attorney email list descriptive tone. This adds personality to your articles and makes your readers feel much more engaged. 2 – your titles have no catchphrase the title of your article is often the main reason that drives the user to make. The decision to read you. It is therefore important to find a title that evokes something in the reader you are targeting. For example, with this article i want to be read by entrepreneurs who have a business blog.

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You Are Too Promotional

I could have chosen a title like “the bad practices of corporate blogs”, which in my opinion is rather general and does not arouse the curiosity of my target. By choosing “7 common practices that will make your business blog fail” instead , i am much more specific and believe i have a better chance of convincing her to read the article since: as i tell her that these practices are widespread, she might want to check that she is not making these mistakes; i address her directly using “your blog”; i try to create a feeling of insecurity by using the word “failure”. Nobody is indifferent to failure, so better read the article and check that you are not making these mistakes, right?

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