7 Marvel Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a geek (it will be explained later) or not. Of the well-known marvel comics, you are surely aware of how marvel’s marketing strategies. Are successful and reach a more than considerable audience. His campaigns could be classified as. Open-mouthed since they have not left DW Leads anyone indifferent, much less his followers who are loyal forever. Can you imagine applying the same in your work? Activate your spider sense and your super powers to get ideas that. Will make you become one of the fantastic 4 of marketing. If not, we are waiting for you to train you. With our digital marketing master and feel powerful like thanos ‘ gauntlet. Enjoy the 7 marvel marketing strategies !

The Most Timely Merchandising

Trailers that hitch you’re not peter parker… Oh my god! Many of spiderman ‘s fans exclaimed when they. Heard these words from dr. Octopus. Expectation is usually one of the highlights of marvel’s marketing strategies. Fragments of films that make millions of fans wait in line at the Dubai mobile number cinema to see how the different sagas. Of the marvel universe unfold or end. Promotion through geeks we call geeks the people most. Obsessed with the marvel universe. Enthusiasts who know the history of each saga through their comics. And who do not hesitate to create theories about what will happen in each installment. Showing movie posters is, together with the trailers.

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Social Networks as a Poster

An opportunity for these geeks to feel intrigued and start uploading videos with their predictions of the different sagas. In this way they become promoters of the films. Inesem business school official master’s degree in digital marketing + 60 ects credits more information the most timely merchandising pandora ‘s infinity gauntlet charm has to be mine! Coincidences do not exist when designing marvel’s marketing strategies. At the beginning of the promotion or during the phase of generating expectations, a parallel marketing of products related to each film is carried out. It is thus achieved that, taking advantage of the pull of the film, sales increase in funko pops , t-shirts, lego toys, mugs or action figures in a catalog more infinite than the avengers gauntlet. Social networks as a poster no one knows better than marvel where their fans are.

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