7 Mistakes to Avoid After Finding Your WordPress Theme

That’s it, you’ve finally got your hands on. The wordpress theme that best suits your project. You’ve spent hours, if not days, crawling the web looking. For the theme that will best showcase your content. Of course, you asked yourself the right questions before. Drawing your bank card or your DW Leads paypal account. Now let’s move on to the next step… Training to create. Your training organization you have just downloaded the .zip file containing your new wordpress theme. Like a kid who just got his birthday present, you might be tempted to rush headlong and start. Working with your new toy right away. But stay calm and learn about the main mistakes that could waste. Your time in setting up your project.

Set It Up as the Demo Site

Immediately activate your theme after purchasing it activate. A wordpress theme hope you haven’t hit the activate theme button in wordpress admin yet! You have to say to yourself, “well what? I just purchased my theme. Now i need to implement it on my site. » in fact, two scenarios Usa numbers list arise. Either you create a new site; or you do a redesign. In the first case, two possibilities can be distinguished. If you don’t have anything planned for the pre-launch (waiting page, countdown timer, list subscription form, etc.), you can activate your theme and start working on it. I still recommend that you install the private wp 2 plugin to allow the site to be viewed only by authorized persons.

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Get Your Hands on the Code Directly

If you are going to organize something for the launch or if it is a site redesign, you cannot afford to directly activate your theme. The personalization period can last for some time and this can disrupt visitor navigation (and therefore give them a bad experience). I’m sure that’s not what you want. To work in peace on your new theme, it is best to install wordpress in a sub-directory of your site (if it is a redesign, you will have to duplicate your site there). Once your development site is in place, install your new theme and start testing. If something goes wrong, your visitors won’t end up with an inaccessible site.

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