7 Reasons for Your Company to Invest in a Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is the backbone of a business. Marketing plan, establishing communication channels to reach potential customers. The social media strategy directly influences the purchase process and influences decision making. For these reasons, investing and having a DW Leads good strategy is essential to grow your company. According to the iab in. The annual study of social networks: 7 out of 10 consumers are influenced to buy. On the other hand. Altimeter shared that 20% – 37% of business spending was spent on networking in 2012. What is a social media strategy ? It is a strategy where valuable content is shared aligned with the company’s objectives to generate engagement. Reasons to invest in a social media strategy visibility: social networks have the characteristic.

Social Media Strategy and Performance

Of reaching more users in shorter times compared to offline media. If you feed valuable content to your network. Your products increase the possibility of generating interest in your prospect. Social media strategy and performance investment in social media marketing is lower phone number korea than traditional media, which allows. Optimizing resources. In addition, you get more data or kpi’s that allow you to understand your market more. Productive hours, impressions, clicks, etc. Segmentation: the filters when paying for ads make. The investment more assertive when choosing: language, location, age, tastes, interests, gender, etc. Cost-effectiveness: the investment is cheaper and with greater scope.

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Steps to Integrate a Social Media Strategy

However, it is important to consider the human talent and time involved. Engagement: your publications can reach more people, if your content is of value, your followers will share or comment on it. Leads: by investing in social networks you increase your reach and with good content you can: attract, delight and interact with prospects. Know your market unlike traditional media, a social media strategy allows you to listen to your audience: pains, doubts, impressions, needs, etc. You can monitor what is being talked about your brand, competition, know who your audience is and have the proximity to address them. Steps to integrate a social media strategy the most common doubt when committing to keeping your digital communication channels updated is how to make an effective social media strategy.

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