7 Simple Actions to Do in 20 Minutes to Improve Your Blog Traffic

Tooking to improve your business blog traffic? Discover some simple actions to put in place to increase the number of visits to your siteā€¦ training to create your training. Organization transform your best messages do you have content that works really well on your site? Does it naturally generate more shares or more engagement on your social networks? Great ! Take the opportunity to 7 Simple Actions decline it in different forms, in order to share it elsewhere and reach a wider audience. Infographics; slideshare; video formats; etc. There is no shortage of possibilities and specialized platforms. Preferably, choose a platform used by your ideal client . This will allow you to stay relevant and not just.

Hunt for sterile traffic

Capture emails on your site this technique will not increase your traffic instantly. But by collecting new emails every day, your mailing list will grow, bringing you more traffic each time you send out a cell phone numbers list newsletter. I shared an article to collect emails on your blog . It’s up to you to set up. The different capture forms with your favorite tools. Offer value in exchange for an email. Be moderate and. Relevant in the display of your forms, to have good results. Work on your titles according to a study by copyblogger.

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Share Your Articles in Groups

The pareto law (80/20) would apply to the number of readers reading the title and content of our articles. 80% of people read the title, and only 20% read the content! Hence the importance of working on. The 7 Simple Actions title of your articles . Have fun changing your titles and republishing articles. Share them again on. Your social networks, and to your mailing list (select the people who did not click the first time). A few tips for making a good headline. He must be : original ; accurate; consistency with content. Try to play with the different emotions of your internet users using fear, anger, humor, curiosity, gain, provocation, etc. If you don’t know where to start, use proven title templates (here’s a list). Even if these formulas are overused.

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