7 Steps to Building an Effective Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook is one of the largest social networks. In the world with 2.935 billion monthly active users, despite a slight decline towards the end of 2021. It remains. One of the main springboards for sales DW Leads for companies today, provided that they master the mysteries. And understand the concept of the sales funnel, in order to then be able to use it on facebook… 1- understand the concept of the sales funnel the sales funnel or sales funnel in english is the journey of a prospect. Before he becomes a customer. Schematically, the concept is represented by an inverted pyramid. Symbolizing the different stages that the consumer goes through until he decides to make a purchase.

2- Build on Facebook’s Strengths to Build Brand Awareness

Training to create your training organization awareness or the stage of discovery a consumer will not buy an. Object or a service of which he knows nothing. For him to decide to take the plunge, you have Germany phone numbers to introduce. Him to your company, and to seduce him by various means. The objective at this level is to encourage. Him to take a closer interest in your brand. This is the stage of awareness. Interest or stage of interest. The level of interest or interest is where the consumer becomes aware of the existence of your business. He begins to take an interest in your brand, and your offers.

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The Decision or the Stage of the Decision

But it can remain superficial if you don’t invite. Him to go further. To do this, advise him, accompany him throughout his journey, until he is a lead. The decision or the stage of the decision the next level is decision. At this stage, the prospect is no longer. Just an observer or a curious person: he is ready to invest in a purchase. But so that there is no hesitation, make him an offer that is the most advantageous for him, knowing that he will have previously compared yours with those of the competition. In order for him to take the plunge, give him little attentions that will make the prospect a customer. It can be free delivery, goodies or a promo code for future purchases. L’action the last step is the action step.

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