7 Symptoms That Prove Your Business Needs a Business Blog

Do you feel that your activity is a bit on stand-by? That your online marketing strategy is not moving forward? You may be missing something…a corporate blog. Everyone tells you about it but, for lack DW Leads of time or motivation, you have never started? If your business is experiencing any of the 7 symptoms mentioned below, your business needs a blog urgently. We explain why… Training to create your training organization 1. No one goes to your site. “sites that have. A blog receive 55% more traffic. » you already have a site and that’s great because today, companies that. Don’t have sites are viewed strangely by their potential customers and seem almost suspicious to them. But are these potential customers really going there?

No One Goes to Your Site

Or only those to whom you give your url on your business cards. Your current customers, in short all those who already know you? Mmm…if that’s the case. A blog will be your biggest source of traffic. It will help you make your site stand out in the search results. Of your potential phone numbers in egypt customers. Those who don’t know you yet. Because a blog, unlike a site which is static. Will allow you to update information every week which will be useful to internet users. This useful information, around the keywords of your sector of activity, will help you stand out on google when your potential client.

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You Need to Sell More

Does a search on the internet.* in short, your blog will allow you to position yourself in a natural way. 44% of consumers start by looking for information before purchasing. 2. You need to sell more. “businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t blog. » you, and if you are lucky enough to. Have a sales team, are you rather busy? Or maybe you’re not achieving the desired amount of sales in relation to the number of visits to your site? Or maybe you just started your business and few people know you yet. Professional blogs are a great tool for generating more leads. Useful and original content plays like a magnet.

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