7 Things To Consider Before Hiring An Agency

Hiring a digital agency for the first time is a massive leap of faith for companies. Whether a company is outsourcing because of a need for cost-effective expertise. Or additional assistance, it can be DW Leads daunting when receiving proposals for the first time. 7 things to consider before hiring an agency however, with these few questions, deciding which agency to trust. And ultimately hire will be smoother. 1. Retention rate questions to ask: do you know your average retention rate? What is the retention rate attributed to? Will there be staff rotations in between campaigns? How will the training be handled?

Business Ambitions and Goals

An average retention rate across all industries is roughly 90%; give or take for some like fast food and grocery stores, which see a retention rate closer to 0%. For marketing and pr agencies. It’s a little closer to 30%, according to forbes. It costs a lot in both person-hours and ceo emails usa opportunity loss to continually. Train incomers through an agency’s revolving door of employees. For a client, there is double the frustration. When an agency runs through employees as quickly as a hummer does fuel. These frustrations can run. The gamut from a new employee getting to know the ins and outs of their client to the client not knowing. Who to call when an emergency happens.

ceo emails usa

Tools and Software What to Ask

Unfortunately, when agencies have lower than average retention rates, clients soon find themselves looking for the door too. 2. Business ambitions and goals questions to ask: does the agency plan to stretch itself and service new areas? Will the agency physically be in multiple places? Where does a company fit in with an agency’s overall plan? It can be tough to put faith into what seems to be the right agency, only to find out that they have limited experience in the areas that matter most for the prospective company’s needs. Asking whether the agency sees themselves expanding their roster internationally, nationally, or locally will provide a lot of details on the future of the contract. 3. Ownership and investment questions to ask:who owns the company? Why did the agency take on investment?

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