8 Reasons to Have a Blog Instead of Being Present on Social Networks

Some have blogs that struggle to attract visitors. Their traffic is dying, visitors don’t spend more than 3 seconds there, and their bounce rate is 97%. Others, on the other hand, are smiling from ear to ear. Their DW Leads blog is read by thousands of visitors a day. Their content is shared by hundreds on social networks. And when you appear on their blog, you feel the success in. Your nose… so what is the secret that propels these blogs? What recipe do they use? How do they achieve nirvana? This article will give you the key to success with these blogs. Training to create your training.

They Understood That Defining Their Target Is Essential

Organization so if you have a blog or are about to get into the arena, do this: turn off your phone, close all. Other web pages in your browser, and just focus on this article. I promise you that at the business fax numbers list end of this editorial. You will have a head full of ideas to get your blog out of the bottom of the swamps. But first, let me tell you. A little story. When i started blogging, i was the most excited man on earth. Besides, who isn’t. When they start their blog? I had read the blogs of gurus such as neil patel, brian dean, darren halpern, all successful people in this field who claimed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. I said to myself. “ if i only have 10% of their gain with my blog.

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They Have Understood That They Must

I will be the happiest man on earth ”. So boom! I have read hundreds. Of articles, tutorials here, guides there. A few weeks later, my blog was live. My dream. Was getting closer to me. I had the feeling of being part of a privileged caste, of being someone new. Different. I put energy into my blog, i wrote articles that i thought were really cool. That’s when i realized something was wrong. Things weren’t going the way i had planned. But where was this damn problem that prevented me from realizing my dream? After some time, tired and discouraged like most novice bloggers, i abandoned my project.

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