8 Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Hits the Mark

8 steps to create a blog post that hits the mark writing. A blog post is not very complicated, you just have to write one word and then another, right? In fact. I suggest you discover the steps to DW Leads follow so that your article is not just another publication on your blog. But a paper that is a hit! How do you do it? Let yourself be guided, here is the method… 1/ the choice. Of subject it all starts with the choice of a subject to be treated . If you start from the start with a subject that does. Not interest anyone, it is likely that the article, even well written, will be read very little. So, the question is. How to choose a subject that pleases?

Structure the Content of Your Article

Well, start by looking at your persona . Your persona is your targe. Your typical customer, the person on your list. By precisely defining your persona, you will come to. Understand his needs, his Usa phone number list tastes, his problems and his frustrations. It will then be easier for you to write. To answer the problems of your readers. Training to create your training organization 2/ the choice of keywords. Once you have selected your subject, look for the associated keywords , using tools like google trends or google ads…

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Write Your Article Effectively

Choose the keywords on which you can position yourself quite easily on google and also sufficiently searched. It will allow you to increase your seo and find new readers. 3/ structure the content of your article when writing an article, it is essential to think about the user experience . Indeed, your article must be easy to read! This is why it is important to structure it well. For this, making a plan is essential. In addition, it will save you time in writing. To make an outline, start by opening a word document or google doc, then write: title, introduction, subtitle 1, subtitle 2, conclusion. Return to the line each time. Next, fill in your plan by writing your various subtitles, then move on to the next step.

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