A Marketer’s Guide to Promoting a Virtual Event

Various circumstances are forcing organizations. To adopt work-from-home and virtual-only policies. As a result, marketing leaders are being tasked. With managing a dispersed team, changing how DW Leads they communicate and determining how to best. Reallocate their budget. Webmechanix works with hundreds of marketers representing organizations in every. Industry, and unsurprisingly, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of virtual events being. Held across the board due to the covid-19 pandemic. Field marketing teams are now experimenting. With virtual seminars. B2b marketers are doubling down on the production and promotion of webinars.

Make an Omnichannel Announcement

And event marketers are scrambling to figure out how to take planned conferences and roadshows online. Through our experience over the years, and especially over the past few weeks, we’ve developed a proven. Playbook for announcing and promoting virtual events. Here’s a new zealand phone numbers summary of what we’ll be covering in this guide. Select your speakers segment your audience validate your analytics and reporting make an omnichannel. Announcement run retargeting display ads pinpoint the sources of your results make another announcement. Send a day-of announcement with mission-critical details after the event, follow up with a thank you and. Tailored next steps learn from your experience and iterate let’s drill down into each specific piece of the playbook.

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Pinpoint the Sources of Your Results A Marketer’s

Select your speakers naturally, your attendees want to know who’s speaking and how their professional background relates to the event. Otherwise, why should they bother listening to that person’s message? If your brand is hosting an online conference, then be sure to communicate as a brand. If your team is releasing a new product feature, communicate as a team. And if you’re an individual hosting a webinar… well, you get the idea. The speaker you select for a virtual event depends on the channel and format through which you’re sharing your message. Emails can easily be sent by individuals, but on social media, you’re generally speaking as a brand unless the content of a post is one where a speaker can address the audience directly.

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