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If we look at a year time span, we see that the peak occurs around the same time each year at the beginning of March. oscars google trends year The reason for this is that the Oscars take place in March every year. If your website is about celebrity gossip, you should probably make a note of it in your content calendar. You can then ensure that you produce content on these topics every March. I know what you’re thinkin.that’s a pretty obvious example, isn’t it? I mean, if you’re running a website about celebrities, you probably already have it planned. Here’s a less obvious example full moon google trends Here you can see a peak that only occurs about once a month. Can you guess what search term it is? “ Full Moon.

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But how would you align your content calendar Austria Phone Number List with it? Surely it wouldn’t make sense to publish a new article about full moons every month, right? Exactly, but you could create ONE article and then update it with new information every month. That’s exactly what Spith their full moon calendar . full moon calendar All they have to do is add new facts and figures every month. It probably doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it does result in consistently up-to-date content. EDITOR’S NOTE Want to see an even less obvious example? Check the Google Trends data for creepy outfit. scary outfit google trends There is a peak in searches every year around October eg Halloween. What is my recHardwick Joshua Hardwick Head of Conten.

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Use related searches” to find NEW keyword ideas AND even STEAL market share from your competitors in the process Google Trends can show you searches that people also search for when they search for your term. For example, people DW Leads searching for “sneakers” often also search for “Nike” and “Adidas”. sneakers related queries google trends BY THE WAY. There are two options available in Google Trends for related searches “Top” and “Increasing”. If you’re interested in the differences between the two options, click the question mark next to Related Searches in the Google Trends interface hint look at the screenshot above to see where it is . Not only does this provide a great way to find more keywords including ones you may not have heard of , it also helps.


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