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The results are then sorted in descending order, with the largest traffic decreasing first. You can then further investigate the pages with large traffic drops in Site Explorer or Google Analytics. It’s also worth checking the SERP of the primary keyword for each page for signs of recency as a ranking factor. For example, the current year in the titles of the top rankierp overview top google searches Or the current release date dates in serps Things like this show that Google prioritizes freshness in the SERPs. This can increase the likelihood that a content update for that page will be successful. You can also search in Content Explorer and filter for newly published pages and then see the trend over time.

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Casted image If people regularly post new Bulgaria Phone Number content  on this topic. Then it means that the topic is up to date. Find opportunities for low-hanging content In we analyzed almost a billion websites . We found a positive correlation between the number of referring domains on a page links from unique websites and organic traffic. referring domains vs organic search traffic ahrefs content explorer Translation The more links a page has, the more organic traffic it is likely to attract. But the thing is, there are outliers to this general rule. Some pages are positioned with very few backlinks and attract tons o backlinks at all. The keywords these pages are ranked for are low-hanging fruit i.e. topics you are positioned for without having many backlinks.

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Identify The Ost Valuable Pages That Rank High

How do you find such sites Open Content Explorer . Content Explorer is a searchable database of over a billion web pages. Type in any word or phrase to see all mentions across the web, plus some useful SEO metrics for each result. Here are the results DW Leads for “protein powder” pasted image That’s over , websites mentioning that phrase Now let’s filter these results to only find pages with At least organic visits per month No referring domains In other words, pages that get a lot of organic traffic without a lot of backlinks. pasted image Now we’ve come to results, one of which is this page high protein muffins TIPP Don’t see any results in Content Explorer? Unfilter to show pages with up to five or ten or twenty referring domains.


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