A very loud voice from a young age

Which she activated every time she felt wronged. That is every day. You’re losing your way her mother used to tell her. After all something I had noticed early on and I counted on it to make the scepter of justice of the elders lean towards me during our childish quarrels. I have lately come to the conclusion that my cousin’s temperament is identical with the characteristics of the average Greek mentality. That is with intense childish emotionalism with a permanent background of bitterness and betrayal with a feeling of violated justice with explosive reactions with hasty actions and with an absence of rational judgment and self criticism.

We accept our cultural isolation through

What else do national hysterical reactions Raster to Vector Conversion show in relation to our endangered language while ignoring our own crimes against it and the identical fate of other small countries but with a less glorious past How else can we explain the most self destructive willfully blind and stubborn foreign policy and in what way will we accept our cultural isolation through the picturesque and overemphasis of our supposedly pure national religious past All this testifies to a possibly likable but certainly fruitless childish sentimentality which because it starts from a usually honest and repressed feeling about justice explodes wildly in every direction and with little chance of redress even of the existing injustice.

Raster to Vector Conversion

I cannot give the same credit to our national

This seems to be in general the psychograph DW Leads of the average citizen of our country and this is very cunningly and not very intelligently cultivated by most of the politicians and most of the journalists. But there was one step my cousin never took and I thank her for that. He never responded to the feeling of the oppressed right by reversing the terms. He did not turn into an agent of injustice an oppressor an avenger. Her childishness remained pure and she did not succumb to the cunning of supposedly mature realism. But I cannot give the same credit to our national mentality. And it is no use arguing about who is responsible first or more the average Greek or the politicians and the media.

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