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For another example, in the seed industry. All brand manufacturers are fighting for channels. Whoever has more channel resources can occupy more markets. Therefore, a seed company called dupont pioneer once adopted the strategy of “marketing Belize Phone Number forced channels” – first, it opened a lecture on seed selection to farmers, and promoted. Pioneer seeds to establish the awareness of the product in the hearts of farmers, and then use this form control over dealers. Similarly, in the over-the-counter drug market, drugs first occupy consumers’ minds through tv advertisements, and then form. Control over the purchaser (pharmacy). So, what does your neck therapy device need to do?

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The strategy of “marketing to force the. Channel”, such as first targeting c-end consumers, such as opening relevant knowledge lectures . So as to promote your products to the public. When the product has been recognized by most users, you have the right to talk about. Cooperation with the hospital, and the chance of success Belize Phone Number will be much higher. Therefore, if the industry in which your product is located is all about channel capability, in addition to switching industries to avoid competition, you can also accumulate the right to speak on the channel through marketing. To participate in the competition. 3. Participate in the competition – see trends. And find cheap channels in the era when channels are king, the number of channel resources directly. Determines the market share they occupy.

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Even if you have a lot of channel. Resources, you no longer have obvious advantages. Just like in poor times, the level of a person’s education. Is not determined by talent, but by family conditions. In the stage of national prosperity, the level of education depends more on talent. This is because the wealth of the whole people makes the advantage of “good  Belize Phone Number family conditions. To receive better education” no longer exists (all people can enjoy high-quality education equally, and gifted. Children will not be buried because they don’t get education) therefore, maybe your industry is currently. Driven by channels, but with the transformation of the internet to various industries. Every brand owner has the opportunity to enjoy equal channel resources at a lower cost.

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