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Will be narrower than the ribbon size and there will be empty space on the right. Make your desired height: for a square banner; less than per rectangle. For example, x 500 or x 300. Banner of banner of universal promotional post. Size or by 1000) a universal advertising post is a regular banner. But its task is to attract the attention of an unprepared user who does not want advertising. The task of an advertising post is to stand out among others, to interest.

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Therefore, in most cases, the more the better. But it all depends on your goals. The correct size of the avatar in vk if the size and design of the main image is not chosen correctly, you will have problems with promotion. They have different standards by Senegal Phone Number List profile and group. Illustration on the theme of vk avatar dimensions: profile, group, characteristics for profile to display a square image on a page in a format such as a preview without a photo, the sides must have a ratio of pixels. It is better to set the size 1.5-2 times larger than the standard one.

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You can upload any image with the same aspect ratio. The scale will automatically align. Users often place a vertical image that expands the rest of the blocks on the page. So the maximum size will be 200×300 pixels. For a vertical photo, the smallest size Personal DW Leads  Audience is limited by the width of the image. It is not possible to set a horizontal photo. The maximum height is 300px, but you can change it to the minimum size. Depending on the area that you mark when setting the avatar, the possible area for choosing a preview is determine.

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