Analyze Phone Calls from Your Marketing Campaigns with Dexem

When the customer journey is 100% digital, everything is measurable. From the number of clicks to the number of conversions. Unfortunately, as soon as the sale is made. Over the phone, the DW Leads follow-up is lost. Good news, solutions exist to accurately track. The return on investment of phone calls generated by your marketing campaigns. Let’s see this together…. You invest in. Online & offline marketing but don’t know how many phone calls are generated for each campaign. Telephone contacts are part of your strategy, but you cannot determine the cost of the actual marketing contact. You generate leads by phone and you want to understand the reachability of your sales representatives.

Dexem: an All-In-One Call Tracking Solution

If any of these issues concern you, it’s time to implement a call tracking solution. Dexem: an all-in-one. Call tracking solution dexem is a call tracking solution that we had the opportunity to discover during. A presentation. It allows you to analyze telephone calls from marketing campaigns and thus measure their effectiveness. The tool generates virtual tracking Uk number list numbers for each of your campaigns to better. Understand your return on investment. In practice, you will be able to generate as many numbers as you wish. You will thus measure the impact of each of your media: google my business, google ads, facebook ads. Spot tv, insert in a magazine… Each of these unique issues is redirected to your historical issue.

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Monitor the Roi of Its Call Tracking Campaigns

You will thus be able to follow the volume of calls generated by each of your sources. Dexem offers two types of call tracking. Static: one number per campaign. Dynamic: in this case the system automatically generates. Numbers according to certain parameters. Depending on the source of traffic or even by visitor session. To have a precise detail, for example keyword by keyword for your search marketing campaigns . In the dynamic version, the system identifies the source and automatically changes the number that appears on your page. Everything is customizable, you can add custom fields to track what you want (example: a car manufacturer can track requested brands and have a report by brand).

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