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Suggested Reading How to Find and Steal Featured Snippets To Get More Traffic . Update existing content Sometimes content that used to perform well in search engines stops doing so. An example of this is our list of top Google searches If we enter this URL into Site Explorer , we can see that the estimated monthly organic traffic dropped by more than between December and February top google searches drop In absolute terms, that means , fewer visits per month coming our way. But some of you may have noticed that after the crash, traffic has skyrocketed That’s because we’ve updated the article and republished it with new stats and numbers. The question is, how do you find posts and pages that are likely to benefit from a content update? a Use trial and error.

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Let’s face it this is something that happens Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number over time. So it’s usually old posts and pages that suffer from traffic drops. Try adding a page that was published more than months ago to Site Explore and then look at the organic traffic chart. When the graph falls off like Niagara Falls 🇨🇦 then it’s due for an update.. b Use Google Analytics If you’re a Google Analytics user and prefer to do it methodically, read on. What follows is a method of finding these pages at scale. First, open Google Analytics and go to the Landing Pages report . Google Analytics Behavior Page Content Landing Pages Then set your date range to the last full months e.g. Jan , — Dec , , filter for organic traffic only, and add “month” as a side dimension. You should end up with something like this google analytics report.

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Export the report as CSV export google analytics BY THE WAY.It’s also worth excluding junk URLs with Google Analytics’ built-in exclusion filter. For example, before I exported my report, I excluded URLs containing “?”, “ author ”, and “ category ”. BY DW Leads THE WAY. Next, copy this Google Sheets template . Import the CSV into the “IMPORT HERE” tab. Filead CSV Go to the “Result” tab. It should look something like this traffic drop google sheets IMPORTANT There are sometimes legitimate reasons for traffic loss that have nothing to do with freshness , such as Algorithm update seasonality Always research the reasons for a traffic loss before rewriting or updating content. What this does is compare how the last month’s traffic on each page compares to the best month.


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