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Once you have activated search, you can use it to do actions like getting directions. Creating reminders, as well as doing Google searches. Turn on voice search If you have an Android phone or tablet, open the Google app and tap More Voice. Under “Hey Google,” tap Voice Match. This will then turn on Hey Google. Start a voice search Once Hey Google is activated, every time you want to do a Voice Search. Just open the Google App and say “Hey Google” or tap the microphone.

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Change your “Hey Google” settings You can also adjust your Hey. Google settings to make Voice Search work better with your preferences. You can set the device so that it will respond to a “Hey Google” prompt when you driving. If you want to access Google Maps. You can also set it so that it will respond when the device is charging or if the screen is one. If you Taiwan Phone Number List choose, you can set it to “Always On,” which means that you can say “Hey Google,” whether the screen is on or off. You can even unlock features such as allowing the phone to show personal results from your searches, even if the device is locked.

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Delete “Hey Google” audio recordings Recordings of your “Hey Google” searches are saved to your Google Account, and you can easily find and delete these through myactivity.google.com. A Brief History of Google Voice Search Google Voice Search was launched in 2010 after being developed in Google Labs. Its initial functionality was somewhat more complicated DW Leads than it is today: you set up the service by calling out a phone number from your contact list, after which you were prompted to say your keywords. Search results would then appear on a blank web page. The Voice Search option has since become a lot more streamlined.

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