Around the concept of egoism

A negative perception has been cultivated probably because. It is identified with self promotion and self centeredness as. Opposed to the morally more prominent. Disappearance of ourselves for the benefit of others. But if we accept as the content of selfishness. The satisfaction of our needs and desires. I do not see why such an attitude completely. Reconciled with our nature should be stigmatized when it does not necessarily mean the exclusion or annihilation of third parties and even less of the neighbor. This search for satisfaction is after all a duty towards ourselves.

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In simpler terms I tend to believe that Philippines Photo Editor only a satisfied ego can give while a deprived ego actually tries to extract much more than it claims to give. Otherwise it is nothing more than an attempt to trick fate and reality. The dispossessed gives without joy with a sense of retribution balance or even revenge. And usually this offer even if it is sincere drags everyone into deeper deprivation. Where everyone friends and families benevolently torture everyone because they think they are giving in good faith without first taking care to meet the selfish needs of their own lives.

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One can love unless he first loves himself no DW Leads one can give joy unless he first gives it to himself. The effort to make the lives of others better begins with a better life of your own. Otherwise you are doing nothing but burdening the other person with your hidden bitterness. After all how can you give something you don’t have You must feel joy love peace to be able to offer it. Therefore if all parents spouses friends were a little more.

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