Artificial Intelligence in Messaging Applications

Who does not have a messaging application installed on their smartphone? Who else, who less, has whatsapp, facebook messenger or telegram. On their phones to communicate with their contact list DW Leads for free, with minimal data consumption. Currently, there are already about 2.5 billion unique users of messaging applications in the world. If we combine this aspect. With the expansion of artificial intelligence to homes, we have the appearance of chatbots . Without going any further. Facebook has been using this software since 2016. Therefore, the arrival of bots in messenger thus strengthened this new form of communication. But what is a bot and what exactly does it do? A bot is artificial intelligence software that has been designed for the purpose of performing various tasks on its own.

Are Chatbots the Perfect Solution for Customer Service?

Therefore, the help of the human being is not necessary . For example, one of the tasks carried. Out by bots is making reservations for a table in a restaurant, searching for information or ordering fast food. The fast food company taco bell already has a chatbot incorporated in the Netherlands phone number example united states through. Which the customer can manage their food order through a conversation with an automated bot. Bots have their activity developed especially in messaging applications , where they have a built-in conversational interface. For example, in the slack messaging service, used mainly for internal communication between user teams.

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Other Organizations That Have Incorporated Chatbots

Chatbots facilitate the management of tasks related to the team, such as, for example. The pending tasks of the users or the expenses generated by each user. . As for facebook, with the recent implementation of chatbots in its messaging application, mark zuckerberg intends to streamline the relationship between the user and facebook, through the automated response of “structured messages”, which include a title, an image , a description and a url. Inesem business school master in robotics and industrial automation + 10 ects credits more information other organizations that have incorporated chatbots the telegram messaging application has gone further by creating a public api for developers that allows the creation of all kinds of bots.

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