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Are Instagram stories viewed in chronological order? Instagram’s algorithm for ranking story views has always been a bit mysterious. As it doesn’t always seem to follow a consistent method. The consensus among the tech enthusiasts who have studied it is that the rankings are done as follows. If your stories usually have 50 views or less, views are ranked chronologically, meaning whoever viewed your story first is at the top of the list. Once you go above 50 views, a new algorithm ranks views based on comments, DMs, etc. How do you save an Instagram story video.

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There are several ways to download and save Instagram videos. You can save them on a third-party app; you can archive them on Instagram and retrieve them via the Clock icon mentioned above; you can download specific stories to your camera roll and save stories in your Highlights. More Ways that Brands Can Use Stories Instagram Stories Qatar Phone Number List offers a number of possibilities for brands to increase engagement with their audiences. Here are a few creative ways to use the app to boost your interactions with your customers.

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Create a quiz Instagram updated its poll functionality to enable users to create multiple choice quizzes on their stories. The Quiz option is available as a sticker on the upper-right-hand corner of your camera interface. You can then create your question and the possible answers and then post your story as normal. Promote deals and articles Instagram has a number DW Leads of great features to help you promote products, deals, and articles. There is a countdown feature that enables you to build a sense of urgency and create anticipation for a particular event, such as a product launch. You could use your Highlights section to educate users about products and events. You can also explore live Q&A sessions and giveaways.

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