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By defaul the Organic Keywords report shows keyword rankings for the country that generates the most search traffic. We’re fine with that, but if you want to see keyword data for a different country, press more and choose from one of the + countries in our database . organic keywords more countries Now let’s look for some crisp keywords that might be worth targeting. There are a few that pop up immediately, such as infographic maker , infographic creator , etc. But there are also many irrelevant results. So let’s first exclude all branded keywords with the exclude function. I will also filter for keywords where our competitor ranks in the top so that we only see the most relevant keywords. visme filters organic keywords.

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I’m going to keep things simple Algeria Phone Number List for now and write down the top five relevant non-branded keywords that are sending the most traffic to our competitors. And their search volume. This is what it looks like keywords Some of these keywords would go well with our homepage. Others would create better blog posts e.g. “What is an infographic?” . BY THE WAY.If you’re following this guide and just want to find keyword ideas for your homepage, use URL mode in Site Explorer as opposed to *.domain * . This way you only see keyword suggestions from the homepage and not from the entire site. And don’t forget to exclude branded searches from the report PER TIP Some of the keywords I noted have high Keyword Difficulty KD scores, meaning they are difficult to rank for without building a lot of links.

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For example infographic maker” has a KD value keyword difficulty infographic mad requires backlinks from an estimated domains to rank in the top . Recommended reading Learn more about how we calculate keyword difficulty. . I’m not overly concerned about that right now because I’m looking more for Ultimate Goal keywords. If you’re following the DW Leads guide and prefer to find keywords that you have a chance of ranking for in the short to medium term, feel free to look for keywords with a low KD value. . Spy on your competitors’ featured snippets There’s one more important thing to look out for when analyzing your competitors’ organic traffic SERP feature that your competitors rank for.


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