Audio Marketing or How to Use Music to Seduce the Consumer

01/12/2015 number of views 4,129 share this article. On facebook share this article on twitter share this article on linkedin share this article by email. Share this article by whatsapp human beings, by nature, are sentient beings. In fact, everyone knows that. Music is capable of mobilizing masses and, in the world of marketing, it could not be less. The new frontier. Of marketing is audio-marketing. A very basic example: try watching an advertisement with DW Leads the sound turned off. You may still be aware of the ad itself, but clearly the ad that initially excited you, without sound, probably won’t give you any feeling at all. What before could move and seduce the consumer, without sound loses. Any effect . Indeed, the musical support of the advertising message is what gives it much of its strength and.

Between Audiomarketing and Neuromarketing

Consequently, its effectiveness. Music is what, most of the time, provides the emotional factor to the message. In other words, it gives meaning to the images that appear in the advertisement, giving. Them emotional importance and transmitting numerous subliminally. Imagine fax number list that we see a summer. Advertisement for a well-known beer brand in which people appear enjoying magnificent beaches and. The other components of a completely idyllic environment: in truth, the image of the beach and people enjoying. Themselves loses its essence without the music that accompanies the ad. It is clear that it is a crucial. Element for the creation and transmission of compelling advertising messages, and marketers have been able to take advantage of it through audio marketing.

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Between Audiomarketing and Neuromarketing

We can define audio marketing as a technique that uses sound or music in order to condition consumer behavior and their decision-making process. In fact, experts in neuromarketing and neuroscience confirm that music simultaneously stimulates various areas of the brain, especially those related to emotions, which substantially conditions the behavior of the individual. After all, in any marketing campaign we intend to sell experiences more than simple products or services. And, what better way to convey an experience than using sounds? Many times we are concerned with the visual image of a brand, devoting large amounts of resources to the design of a logo, a brand image and even great visual effects in advertising campaigns.

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