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The WordPress Executive Director, Josepha Hadia, said in WordCamp US 2021 That “WordPress can be used by anybody, so it should be built by anybody”. Australia Phone Number When less the one out of 3 persons knows (or has even heard of) WP, is there diversity? Absolutely not. Australia Phone Number Our project is an urgent response to this situation. We are promoting WP among students, and other category of people, so that they can use WordPress to build their website, spread the world about it and contribute back to it. Are there any lessons that you’ve learned from this project? I think the WP community has much to do, especially Francophone Africa, to make sure diversity is a reality.

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Internet, there are a great amount of people have never head about it. Contributing to open source is not that easy in Africa. As an events organizer and community leader, I have to think more than once how to convince people to contribute back to open source. To what extent the Australia Phone Number intended outcomes have been achieved? Right now, we can say that they have been achieved at 30%. Were there any unintended positive outcomes? Most of those we are working with have never heard of WordPress before. Australia Phone Number What does the future of your project look like? Can others contribute to it too? We would like to see as many people as possible from our area to embrace WordPress first as users than contributors.

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Mentors who can speak French. What would you love to work on next? Do you have any plans? Australia Phone Number For now, we still want to continue with the work we are doing, promoting and advocating for WordPress in underrepresented communities in Africa. The more people will get to know about WP, the more they’ll value, and the more they’d be willing to contribute. Australia Phone Number We need funds to help us increase the number of WP users in our local community and consequently the number of contributors. Has working on this project helped your personal development? Yes, really. I’ve met awesome people and those with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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