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Ahrefs or in simple terms I’m the guy who makes sure every blog post is EPIC . Article Statistics Linking of websites Data fromContent Explorer. Share this article Do you want to improve your SEO? Try this list of workable, easy-to-understand SEO techniques. Most lists of SEO techniques are pretty vague Write great content ? Build backlinks ?? Optimizing for Rankbraushes the back button* In this post, we’ll clear up the confusion and focus on a handful of actionable SEO techniques that get results. Here we go. . Improvement of titles and descriptions to increase CTR SEO is not just about ranking. *sigh* Let’s say you’re for a keyword with thousands of monthly searches. You don’t get traffic until people actually click on your page in search results.

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Therefore it is important to optimize the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List clicks. But how? Two key things affect click-through rate CTR Title-Tag meta description These are the two HTML tags that will appear in the search reseta title descriptionnd that’s all you need to win to click. So you need to make them as enticing as possible Including “power words” Make your USP clear evidence of clear benefit Matching to search intent But the thing is, no matter how hard you try to fix it, things won’t always work out. Sometimes people just don’t click on your website in search results. And therein lies the opportunity Find your keywords for which you rank first Look for the low CTR keywords Improve title tags and descriptions of these pages To do this, use the Organic Keywords report in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

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Site Explorer enter your domain Organic Keywords pasted image This report shows all the keywords that your site ranks for. A little over , in this case. We are now only interested in the rankings that are on the first page. That is where our efforts DW Leads will have the greatest impact. So before we do anything else, let’s filter the report by the first page rankings. Let’s also filter for keywords with a search volume of or more. pasted image This will weed out the keywords with little to no traffic potential. BY THE WAY. This number is somewhat arbitrary. Feel free to use a higher or lower threshold. And lastly, we will exclude all own SERP features. pasted image Then export the data as CSV. pasted image Now make a copy of this Google Sheet and import this CSV in the “import here” tab.


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