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But first let’s go through some basics. You already know the basics? Click here to jump straight to creating a sitemap . What is a sitemap? A sitemap is an XML file that lists all of the important content on your website. Any page or file that you want to appear in search engines should be in your sitemap. FUN FACT Sitemaps cannot list more than , URLs and they cannot be larger than MB. If your sitemap exceeds one or more of these numbers, then you need to create more than one. What does an XML sitemap look like? XML sitemaps are made for search engines, not humans. That’s why they can look a bit overwhelming if you’ve never seen one before. ?xml version . encoding UTF- ? urlset xmlns http www.sitemaps.org schemas sitemap . url loc https ahrefs.

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loc lastmod astmod url url loc ahrefsblog Switzerland Phone Number List loc lastmod lastmod url urlset Let’s break that down. XML Declaration ?xml version . encoding UTF- ? This tells search engines that they are reading an XML file. It also specifies the version of the XML and the character encoding used. Version . should be used for sitemaps and the encoding must be UTF‑ . URL Set urlset xmlns http www.sitemaps.org schemas sitemap . This is a container for all URLs in the sitemap. It also indicates to crawlers which protocol standard is used. Most sitemaps specify the Sitemap . standard, which is used by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft is supported. URL url loc https ahrefsloc lastmod  lastmod url This is the parent tag for each URL. You must loc specify the location of a URL in a nested tag.

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Or stepping up their link building efforts. It could also indicate a negative SEO attack . To confirm either one, we can check the New Referring Domains report. Site Explorer Referring Domains New Restrict Date Range to Period new referring domains piktochart It’s probably a negative SEO attack if most domains look like junk. Hint confirm this by DW Leads looking at the New Backlinks report for the same date range. Certain content is likely to perform well if most of the links point to the same web page. If the spike happened recently, use the Best by Link Growth report in Site Explorer to see what content pulled the links. It’s likely amplifying existing link building efforts when you see a lot of links from a certain type of content — e.g. guest posts, resource pages, etc.


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