Teach you what to do 60 days before you enter the job

What should you do when you enter the second month? Now, you should understand the key contacts in the team, understand your position in the team, and fully understand the impact of your position on your business。In the second month, the key is that you must start to formulate a practical plan, implement changes, and strive for early success。

Report to the manager

Now you have settled in the office and are familiar with your daily duties. If not, you must discuss your plan for the first three months Jewelry Retouch Service with your manager。You can take this opportunity to better understand the business and how your role matches the work priorities of the entire team。Be sure to be clear about the upcoming projects you may be involved in, discuss your goals, and the results you are expected to promote in the first three months。

In the first month, you have discussed business priorities with the manager and how you should integrate into the team。It is time to have a better understanding of how your position affects the team and how it affects the wider organization。Re-examine the business priority list and update it。

Develop an action plan

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This step focuses on identifying key stakeholders who have an important impact on work in direct teams or business functions. These stakeholders will be the basis for your success in the workplace。Once you have DW Leads identified these key figures, you must keep in touch with them and meet regularly to understand the needs of both parties to better understand their role and how you should work together to achieve your goals。

Once you understand this, you can formulate work plans and strategies based on their information and feedback。You can make good use of your experience and skills and make positive changes to support company goals, managers or a wider team。

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