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Training format: video for viewing at any free time. Certificate: not provide. Training program: the course is designe for those who already work with 1c. Students are provide with information on the creation of modules, on the development of group configurations, on calculation mechanisms, on accounting registers. Advantages: topics are treate professionally with all the necessary nuances. Flaws: lack of clarity. It will be possible to find out what the next video will be about only after its launch. No accompanying information; all information refers to 2018. It can be accepte as basic, but the teacher will not be able to clarify incomprehensible points.

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Video comments are disable. 4. “1c for schoolchildren” from “1c: training center no. 1” duration: 15 videos up to 2 hours each. Training format: video lessons. Certificate: not provide. What the user receives as part of the course: information about updates in 1c (what is it, why is it neee); information on accounting automation; sales registration information Iran Phone Number List process simplification; experience in validating uploade data. Advantages: video can be watche at a convenient time; information is provide with descriptive comments and practical examples. Flaws: the course is positione as suitable for.

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School groups. In practice, to view it, it is better to have basic knowlege of 1c, including in terms of settings; as the reviews under the video show, the teacher makes mistakes, gives inaccurate or incorrect information, considering a certain topic. Personal DW Leads  Audience easy” from “1c: training center no. 1” duration of training: 50 lessons. Training format: video lessons. Certificate: not issue. Training program: the videos do not cover specific topics relate to certain operations in 1c. They are more motivating. For example, entrepreneurs are explaine how 1c differs from other software with similar functionality.

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