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12 times more shares than text and image content combined The viewership of Facebook Live increased by 50% in late 2020 – topping 1.25 billion monthly users No business – large or small – can afford to ignore these behavioral habits of their target market. Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing a Video Strategy To overcome the challenges of implementing a video strategy, we first need to identify what pitfalls you may have encountered: Lack of clear goals and an accompanying plan of attack. Too much effort on the aesthetic production and not enough focus on the impact.

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Video is not a strategy on its own. All the traditional marketing homework. Needs to be apply to answer who, how, and why. Insufficient investment in an amplification strategy to get the video seen by the right people. Unfamiliarity with video as a form of company communication. Integrating video culture needs to come from the top. Not having a script. No matter Kazakhstan Phone Number List the length, there are five parts to the video engagement timeline (VET): Tell a story. Pose a problem. State a solution. Show examples. Call to action. Other barriers to video include the perception that it’s too time-consuming, too complicated, and too expensive. But thanks to modern technology, the days of big productions requiring professional sets, lighting, camera crews, and actors are over.

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Here are some video tools we recommend you check out: Promo for creating customized video ads. BIGVU has a built-in teleprompter to keep you on track for a professional recording. Loom is great for long-form content such as explaining a contract to a buyer. Midgard integrates with LinkedIn for seamless one-on-one sales communication. Some basic equipment DW Leads you need to get started: Webcam Tripod Lav mic Portable green screen Lighting Laptop adaptor Smartphone Exploring Different Ways to Use Video in Your Organization There are different types of video for different types of use cases.

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