Blog: 14 Tools to Be More Efficient

Gone are the days when the only blogs that flourished. On the internet acted as electronic diaries where teenagers poured out their experiences, their smiles. And their tears. Blogging has become in DW Leads a few years a solid, serious subject, and even a lever of action. For companies in terms of web marketing. We create elaborate content, we share important information. We work on a brand image and the blog finally gradually becomes a communication tool in its own right. Besides, the rise of wordpress, the famous cms that equips a growing number of blogs, is probably no stranger to this. Whether you’re a blogger, a casual blogger, or a beginner trying to get started, here are 14 must-haves. Tools that should make your life as a blogger easier… Training to create your training organization.

To Find Inspiration

To find inspiration when the fear of the white sheet takes hold a little too long, it is good to broaden your fields. Of research and recharge your intellectual batteries. These sites will allow you to business opportunity email leads find, for sure, the inspiration. That you are so lacking at the moment. Quora quoravery popular across the atlantic, it is an extremely. Well-built question/answer social network. Internet users ask questions of all kinds, for which no obvious. Answer would be imposed on google, and other internet users, more experts in a particular field can answer them. The result is clear navigation.

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To Organize Your Ideas

Thousands of questions and answers, each more interesting than the next, and dense, quality content that will certainly inspire you to write your future post. Only downside for the most timid with the language of shakespeare: all the content is in english. Portent title maker portent-idea-generatorsometimes we have the subject or an idea on a generic theme, but we go around in circles on how to deal with this subject. What would be the best hook? What angle to take? How to be original on a subject already covered several times? That’s where portent title maker comes in: enter your subject and it’ll give you ideas for titles, angles of attack, or writing styles. Todoist todoistthis is another solution for those who prefer to work with a list system.

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