Bonus for a Successful Sponsored Articles Strategy

The advent of social networks has seen. The birth of those called influencers, or bloggers. Their common point? Having created communities of tens. Even hundreds of thousands of fans, inspired by DW Leads their way of life, with whom they interact very regularly. A relationship based on trust, because influencers share parts of their “dream” daily life with their community as. They would with their loved ones. A mode of communication far removed from what a brand can say to its. Consumers! Brands have therefore understood this well: if an influencer recommends a product to his community, the fallout in terms of sales can be enormous. Influential bloggers are therefore regularly contacted by.

Only Accept Articles That Respect Your Theme

Companies wishing to remunerate them to promote their products or services, partnerships that can take. Different forms, including that of sponsored articles . Web marketing training but beware: if the blogger. Falls into the trap of all-out advertising , he may lose the trust of his phone number lists community and at the same time his status. As an influencer. If you have been contacted by a brand to write a sponsored article, here are 5 tips to. Apply absolutely, plus a bonus! 1. Only accept articles that respect your theme if you’re a travel blogger. Your readers won’t understand if you suddenly start telling them about your favorite laundry detergent! It will also be bad for your blog’s seo ranking.

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Be Transparent with Your Readers – and It’s a Legal Requirement!

You won’t know which category to place these articles in. If you spread yourself too thin, your blog will no longer look like a travel blog and your community will gradually lose interest in you. Remember that these people initially followed you because they had the same interests as you! This is exactly what i do for example on destination digital, my travel blog . Can you find sponsored articles? I do not think so. The reason is simple: everything stays within the theme, everything is natural. I adopt an opportunistic strategy with regard to sponsored articles. 2. Be transparent with your readers – and it’s a legal requirement! Your relationship with your readers is based on absolute trust.

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