Boost Your Visibility with the Article Carnival

Do you want to boost your seo, develop your. Network and provide your readers with exceptional quality content? Yes ? That’s great, because i’m going. To explain how to achieve these three objectives at DW Leads once thanks to Boost Your Visibility the article carnival… Web marketing. Training what is an article carnival? The principle of the article carnival is very simple. This involves involving. Different bloggers on a common subject in order to obtain a series of articles providing a complete overview. Of the theme defined at the start. How to set it up? Setting up this type of event does not require any technical.

Balancing the Scales

Knowledge, just a little organization and time. In an article carnival, there is a “host” blog (the one. Who hosts the carnival) and participating blogs (those who write the articles). The host blog must cell phone numbers list post a. Summary article listing all carnival participants with a link to each article. Participating bloggers, for their part. Must write an article (posted on their own blog) respecting the theme initially given and add a paragraph at. The beginning or at the end explaining that their post is part of a carnival of articles. This paragraph should. Contain a link to the host blog post. Here is an example with a carnival that i organized recently. The theme was: ” 3 mistakes to avoid when launching an e-commerce site ” (click on the link to see the result).

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A Win-Win-Win Event

Here is an excerpt from the recap article: carnival of items 1 and an example of a paragraph that each participant. Added Boost Your Visibility to their article: carnival of items 2 what interest in terms of referencing? If you are interested in seo at all, you know that google attaches enormous importance to links that point to a site. The more quality links you have (i emphasize quality), the better your site will rank in search results. If you are the host blog, this is particularly interesting, because you will get a lot of good quality links. If you are a participating blog, you will gain a link on a page with authority (given that it has a lot of links pointing to it), but it will be diluted among the links of other participants.

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