Brand Embarrassment: Ashamed of Consumption

Beyond any positive behavior that any brand can. Try to encourage among its consumers or potential customers, there is an extremely harmful. Effect that can significantly affect our branding; the brand embarrassment . It is no longer just that. There are consumers who are DW Leads not willing to consume our products or have a bad image of our brand. The effect goes much further. Brand embarrassment is caused by consumers who are ashamed that their. Name is attached to our brand or any of our products. A phenomenon that is beginning to be studied. By the effects beyond a simple curiosity. Generally speaking, these are brands that make their consumers. Feel ashamed. And even a certain anxiety when they have to be seen consuming their products.

The Causes of Brand Embarrassment

When we are generally used to applying relational marketing techniques to foster lasting relationships between our consumers. We are forgetting to study whether the simple fact of using our at&t employee directory product can cause some embarrassment to the consumer. Of course, although it generates opposite effects, brand embarrassment is closely. Related to the same elements that generate positive connections between the consumer and the brand. Thus, to study this effect, we must also analyze such common aspects as the logo, brand values. Intangibles associated with the product offered or emotional connections, among others. The causes of brand. Embarrassment the causes that can cause this feeling of shame can be very varied. But they are practical.

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The Effects of Brand Embarrassment

Always related to the intangible elements associated with the product, brand or service. In this way, the emotions generated by advertising, group pressure or simple culture can be causes of brand embarrassment. Inesem business school industrial robotics course: implementation, components and programming (university degree + 8 ects credits) more information for example, if we stop to analyze the world of fashion today, we can clearly see a change in trends and preferences among consumers. Until very recently, consumers preferred to wear clothing and accessories in which the brand logo was clearly visible and identifiable. However, following the global economic crisis, consumption patterns have changed considerably.

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