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The parallax effect offers us the possibility of including. A dynamic and fluid style on our website, in order to draw the attention of our users. The parallax effect offers. Us the possibility of including a dynamic DW Leads and fluid style on our website, in order to draw the attention of our users. Broadly speaking, parallax can be defined as a technique that makes layered images move faster. Than others, so by assigning them a position in relation to the scroll, it offers very attractive visual. Results as we scroll through the web. From the greek parallaxis, meaning alteration, parallax is a technique.

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Increasingly used in web design to create an interesting 3d illusion. But better than a theoretical. Explanation is to see a list of examples that show us the possibilities of parallax effects and that poland phone format also serve. As inspiration for our own web projects. News about electronic commerce for your business. There are still many companies that are uncertain about this issue, they have the false idea that their customers have. Conflicts to buy online, they do not feel safe using this sales method. Do you have this perception? “e-commerce” is becoming more common and therefore, so that you lose your fear, we give you some information on the subject.

poland phone format

Do You Have This Perception?

Medications, food, clothing, footwear, appliances and even less common items can now be purchased online, and from the comfort of your home or office, including paying for services such as electricity, water, cards and even taxes. According to the study on the habits of internet users in mexico 2014, of the mexican internet association (amipci), online purchases are the fifth most frequent activity of internet users, since 20% of the activities carried out on the internet refers to “shopping”. The amipci reported that 37% of internet users in mexico (more than 51 million people) have made some purchase online.

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