Business Neuromarketing, the Revolution of the 22st Century

The 21st century is the century of the brain. In conclusion, advances in neuroscience have not ceased to amaze with business neuromarketing. In conclusion, a technique that. Is developing at great speed in this “world” and that has DW Leads meant an unprecedented change in the field of marketing. Business neuromarketing is used in market research and to analyze consumer behavior in processes. Such as decision making, risks and rewards in making a purchase and interactions with the product. His conclusions come from experimental techniques , in which brain activity, heart rate, or galvanic skin response. Are measured. It is a scientific method used to study conscious and unconscious sensations.

The Study of Brain Function

Perceptions and thoughts. The fields that are affected by research in this area are found in the design of products. In conclusion, and services, communications, prices, positioning, branding, targeting, channels, sales and market intelligence. The study of brain function progress in free list of real estate agents email addresses this field allows companies to learn more about the functioning. Of their customers’ brains , so that greater precision is obtained about their preferences. This facilitates. And improves the management of business resources. We can say that unnecessary expenses are avoided. And products that society really wants are offered. It supposes an improvement in social welfare and. More functional markets are created.

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Are the Results of Neuromarketing Reliable?

Traditional market research is based on the information that the consumer communicates. Unlike the scientific method. In conclusion, through more precise tools, what is thought and felt is evaluated, that is, what the consumer wants is not intuited, but deep information about what he really wants is managed. Are the results of neuromarketing reliable? When market research is carried out through surveys or other methods, on many occasions the data obtained does not correspond to reality. This event occurs because consumers can be influenced by many environmental variables, such as the environment, thus losing the reliability of the results . However, these events do not take place when the measurement is made on the stimulus itself that is caused in our brain, which is almost impossible to manipulate.

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